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Cashier Responsibilities

Cashiers are needed in all types of establishments and most consumers encounter at least one cashier daily, if not more. They work in restaurants, stores, offices and medical facilities to name a few key areas. Any type of business that collects money for products or services rendered, employees a cashier. They deal directly with the customers and they represent the business they work for, which means they can have a huge impact on the way consumers view the company. Most cashiers are paid by the hour and will make around $14,000 - $23,000 per year. Normally, there is room for advancement for a good, dependable cashier so there is potential to make more.

Since this position requires the worker to deal with customers face to face, cashier responsibilities revolve around making every customer feel comfortable and relaxed. They should be greeted as they enter the establishment (whenever possible) and always treated with respect and courtesy even when things are hectic. When the cashier remains friendly and calm, the customers will usually do the same. This is one of the main ways for the establishment to encourage repeat customers.

Part of the cashier responsibilities revolve around proper handling of money. They will receive cash, checks, credit and debit cards for the transactions being made and they must know how to handle each of these properly based on the rules and procedures of the establishment that employs them.

Some cashiers, such as the ones who work in grocery stores, must know how to handle food stamp cards and Wic checks. Mishandling any form of payment or not providing correct change will result in serious problems for everyone involved.

If the cashier is careless and donít receive the right amount of payment for products or services rendered, the establishment will lose money. If the customer is cheated, they will most likely never return. The competition is tough for this type of mistakes to be tolerated so consumers will simply go somewhere else to do their business.

Cashier responsibilities consist of showing up for work on time wearing the proper attire and they should expect to work several minutes past their scheduled time to leave. Normally, most establishments have limited staff and finding someone to fill in at the last minute is difficult. For this reason, the cashier is responsible for informing management as far in advance as possible if they are going to be late or not show up for their shift.

Cashier responsibilities include reporting any suspicious activity or theft they notice from customers and other employees. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated and should not be ignored.

Accuracy is vital for anyone pursuing this career and it is the responsibility of each cashier to perform their duties correctly and make sure they are completed before they clock-out and leave. This can include stocking shelves and coolers, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping/mopping floors and cleaning windows.

Sometimes answering phones, filing and light bookkeeping duties will fall under the cashier responsibilities for those working in an office setting. There may also be other responsibilities assigned to the cashier based on the type of environment they work in.